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Adaptive Power Station to guarantee >95% power factor, differentiate from traditional high power density approaches.
INSCX exchange officially approves the Adaptive Current Control process of ACT Ltd. to be traded and licensed through the Exchange.
ACT Ltd. licensing strategy, audited and recommended by INSCX exchange, is presented as a basis for secure technology licensing and financing options for technology implementation.
Adaptive Power Station reached industry leading power density factor of 450kW/sqm.
ACT Ltd. holds exclusive rights for Extremely Low Impedance Cables from Green ELMF Cables Ltd. Haifa, Israel.
INSCX exchange offers a diverse suite of options to copper producers to finance implementation of the Adaptive Control process.
ACT Ltd. is offering new technologies to enable copper producers to gain greater efficiency in production to existing industry benchmark. While leaving a leaner, more environment-friendly carbon footprint it achieves higher copper cathode purity.

Reduced operating costs result in greater profits. Production capacity can be increased by up to 140% of actual capacity.

Our designers have developed and adapted the range of Current Control techniques dedicated to the electrolytic copper deposition process. Copper is deposited faster, with higher current densities, and impurities are inhibited more efficiently. The Adaptive Current Control process is a software and hardware system which effectively accelerates the process of electrolytic deposition of copper allowing for increased current densities without losses in copper deposit purity and lowering, at the same time, the specific energy consumption per ton of produced copper.

Adaptive Current Control processes can be applied to any existing production systems like stainless steel or copper starter sheets, in both areas of ER & EW (electrorafination and electrowinning) and does not affect physical characteristics of anodes being used. This method of electrolytic copper production can be implemented in existing copper plants without essential modifications to the tankhouse infrastructure.

The process is approved for supply against listed Grade A+ copper contracts by INSCX™ Exchange enabling ACT customers to place/record throughput of copper cathodes via the INSCX™ Exchange to the London Metal Exchange Grade A benchmark and/or benefit from branding to supply copper Grade A+ as listed by INSCX.